Something just seems to be missing…

Ordinary people go through the (life) motions, without curiosity or challenging their existing state. They and their life may get incrementally better.

But you, you don’t want incrementally better, you want BIG shifts. Frankly, you are sick of the cycles, and the predictable future that goes along with that — the same job, same health, same routine, same everything.

You seek more. More freedom, more impact, more balance, more love. You seek to be more you.

you know you’re capable of more…

Coaching is a partnership between you and me that aims to shift perspective and uncover patterns so you can reclaim your power.


  • removing obstacles that are in your way.

  • focusing on how you want to feel instead of what you fear.

  • leaping forward with confidence and clarity.

What would would be possible for you? Who could you be? What would be different in terms of your career, health, relationships, and money? What would you create?

Shift how you show up…

Our work together will be intense — powerful coaching that explores what’s getting in your way and gives you tools and space to succeed personally and professionally. This coaching is ontological-based and therefore, we will mostly look at present and future, not the past or why you are the way you are. We will look at how you are being about you are doing.


My coaching will Support you to:

  • step into your worthiness + reclaim your strength.

  • uncover hidden resistance + shift patterns that are getting in the way.

  • create a new way of being + generate results.

  • cultivate + design a life of possibility.

  • create the life you’ve only dreamed about.



How is coaching different than Therapy?

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is focused on the future and the process, whereas therapy looks into the past and asks why something is so.

Coaching looks at the “what” and the “how” and sets up the client to take action, even when uncertainty exists (welcome to the human race).

Coaching is about creating a future for the client that is different than the life they would have if living by default.

In coaching, we learn and practice disciplines, not tips or strategies. Soon these once unfamiliar disciplines, when practiced continuously, become natural forms of self-expression.

Will we meet in person or virtually?

Our coaching sessions will be done over the phone or via Google Hangouts.

How long does one work with a coach?

Changing subconscious patterns and releasing negative beliefs requires 6 to 12-month commitment. In my own experience, I created a major transformation in my life after working with my coach for 7 months. It varies for everyone, but when you have that breakthrough, I guarantee you’ll know it.